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Why iwStack?
What are the differences of iwStack services and regular VPS?
In a word: flexibility

Regular VPS iwStack IaaS Explanation
High Availability Monitors the VPS power state and restart it on any available node if it goes down
Fail-Over Monitors the node for crashes, if it does not respond, in a few seconds, the VPSes will be automatically restarted on other nodes in the cluster for uninterrupted service
Live migration VPS can be live migrate without interruption to rebalance load on the cluster or when servers must be powered off for maintenance.
Snapshots Provides automated (at certain fixed intervals) or manual (whenever you decide) snapshots of the disks in current state
Own ISO Manual, on request through a ticket Allows you to link an ISO, available through HTTP or FTP
Own templates Allows you to create templates from your running machines as well as download them to another location for reuse later without paying for storage
Isolated Network Yes, through ugly hacks and messy routing/cabling You can have your VMs use internal IPs for internal communication without going out on the Internet and with free traffic all on your own private VLAN and own easy to control virtual router
External Firewall with GUI Available with isolated network You can setup complex firewalls with IPSec VPNs, granular holes, port forwarding, DMZs, for both incoming and outgoing connections (IPv4 only, for now)
Hourly billing Start your instance whenever you need it, stop it after you are done to save money on RAM and CPU usage or even download the disk image to save on storage too !
Variable size YES, manually, with opening a ticket Grow/Shrink the instance as you wish split/clone/merge VMs in a few clicks without the delays and hassle of opening a ticket

You can, in short:

  • Deploy instances whenever you need them, in a few seconds using templates or in minutes if installing from ISOs.
  • Use the advanced zone for complex internal routing, external firewall, VPNs, all usable immediately, for highly secure isolated networks where both incoming and outgoing traffic is tightly controlled.
  • Grow/shrink your instance in a few clicks. Make templates of it, add disks, IPs, RAM, vCPUs, take snapshots and download them whenever you need it, use the API to control your VM with a script, even provision automatically, make your own virtual office, complete with firewall, gateway, mail/web servers, FTP, SMB, NFS, iSCSI, SQL servers, workstations (including windows !), easy IPSec VPNs in a few clicks and copy/paste, test complex architectures without the need to invest in hardware and the hassle of installing on physical machines in the comfort of your own isolated VLAN with your own automated router, possibilities are limited mostly by your imagination !
  • All this at a very low hourly cost, if you need to save money, just delete everything in a few clicks when you are done and start again when you are ready or need to, either manually or with a script to take advantage of the API. You can literally put up a complex infrastructure in minutes using the API and CloudMonkey scripts, even completely unattended. Make the script once and re-use it every time you need.