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Making a template
Create a replicable copy of one instance.
So, you setup your VM as you wanted it and need to replicate/store it for future use.
The best way to do this is to create a template.
A template is essentially a snapshot (can be created from snapshots too) and you can deploy it as many times as you wish, effectively cloning the VM you made into a template with different MAC addresses for network and different IP among other things. Make sure to let it use DHCP and remove all reference to MACs from the system if your OS keeps it and uses MAC as a basis for auto-naming/numbering the network interfaces. Failure to do so may cause the new VMs to be unable to access the network until you are deleting the old MACs. This is normal behaviour for some OSes and we cannot clone the MAC too, that needs to be unique.

Now, the practical part.
We have two ways to make a template.
  • Using a snapshot if the VM needs to be on continuously;
  • Using a disk of a shutdown VM (recommended).
The first method needs a snapshot first, so use the snapshot creating procedure detailed above to create one.
You will find it hovering the mouse over the + sign near the disk you created a snapshot of and click view snapshots:
You can see the options, create template, restore as volume, delete.
As for the second method, it is simple, shut down your VM then go to Storage and hover the mouse over the + sign near the root disk. You will see there the create snapshot option.
Please remember to shut down the VM first (if you have HA enabled, you need to shutdown from inside the IWStack interface, not from inside the VM, it will be simply rebooted as the system will believe it went down due to some accident).
If you do not shutdown the VM, you can only take a snapshot, not make a template.